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photography with vision

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PicturePeace is available for any photographic needs you may have throughout Asia and the Pacific. Though primarily documentary and fine art in nature, you'll find this photography can be easily used in advertising. You will have quality photographic art at affordable prices directly through the photographer.

Michael, the creator of PicturePeace, is an accomplished photojournalist and documentary photographer and has been repeatedly awarded for his work on social issues. His past reportage led him back to school to study Sociology and Asian studies at the University of Hawaii. He graduated in May 2003 and can now offer valuable insight into his work in the Asia/Pacific region as a result of his recent studies.

Although his social issue essays are not available on the net, you can see much of his work on this site which shows his ability to produce, his sensitivity to subjects, and his versality of styles. You can contact him directly to personally discuss your needs and guidelines.


The images and writings on these pages are © 2003 by Michael F. Thompson and PicturePeace(dba) and may not be reposted or printed without written permission from the author. All rights reserved.